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Don't Let A Bunker Get you Down...
It's Not Sexy Like Hitting A 340 yd Drive - 
But If You Want Your Score To Drop... 
"Bobby Eldridge's
Bunker-Blasting Video Series Can
Turn Those Patches of Pure Hell
Into A Day At The Beach And Have You
Playing In The Sand Like
A Big-Money Pro....

To: Amateur Golfer

From: Bobby Eldridge

Subject: Playing Bunkers Like A Pro

Hitting 300 yard drives and hitting long shots is fun and feels good. Those are amazing shots. 

But that doesn't add up to a hill of beans if you can't hit out of the sand. 

Just getting out of the bunker isn't good enough. 

Sure, it's impressive when you explode out of the bunker on your first swing. But what's even more so is when that swing helps you actually put the ball where you want it to be. 

My video series will teach you how to do both. 

I guarantee it. 

In practically no time, you'll be hitting perfect shots out of the sand...onto the green...and close to the hole. With total confidence and absolute control. 

Instead of sculling or blading the ball, you'll put it precisely where you want it. And you'll be using the bunker strategically...instead of trying to avoid it. 

What do I mean by "practically no time"? Friend, I'm talking about...Immediate improvement! 

That's right. You won't have to wait weeks to see results . You'll see them on your first swing. 

All you have to do is spend 45 minutes watching the video series and follow my instructions. 

Naturally, the more you practice the better your bunker shot will get. Just like anything else in golf or in life. 

And pretty soon, you may find yourself actually liking the challenge of the bunker. Just like I do. 

Introducing: The Bunker
Here's what you'll learn
in The Bunker Video Series

You already know that the bunker shot is different from every other shot in golf because it's the only shot where you don't actually hit the ball. You hit the sand instead. 

Or, at least, you're supposed to. 

Some golfers say that makes it the easiest shot in golf. Others say those guys are nuts. 

Now, I'm not going to tell you it's easier. It's just different. But I can help make it as easy as those guys claim. 

In my video, I'll show you exactly where the club should meet the sand and how to put it in the right position every time. 

And that's not all. You'll learn...

  • How to pick the right club - and how to make sure it's right for the sand you're playing on. Sand conditions vary from one place to another. The club you might use in Florida would get you nowhere in Arizona.
  • The one club you should avoid at all costs. Unless you're a top-money touring pro or extremely talented, you're better off leaving this one in the bag. I'll tell you which one it is.
  • How to "read" the sand - without breaking the rules. Now, the Lords of Golf might come after me on this one, but I'll show you a way you can discover what kind of sand you'll be hitting on without picking up a penalty by touching it with your club or your pinkie. And it's perfectly legal.
  • Why burying your feet in the sand can get you into deep trouble. Some golfers think they have to dig into the sand to get a solid stance. But it only puts them at a tremendous disadvantage. I'll explain why in the video.
  • The two articles of clothing you should never go into a bunker without. Without these two, you may never line up your shot correctly. And you could risk major embarrassment if you leave off one of them.
  • The two most common mistakes most average golfers make in a bunker and how to avoid them. Make them and you'll add points to your score and ruin the rest of your day. I'll show you how to steer clear of them.
  • How to hit three different distances with the same swing. Here's a hint: It's as plain as the face of your club. And it has nothing to do with changing speeds.
  • How my technique makes it impossible to skull the ball. Once you get this down, you'll never send one blading over the green again. It's so simple you'll wonder why you never thought of it.
  • How to hit a buried lie, a hard pan lie or a ball buried in wet sand. They require a very different way of hitting. I'll show you how to turn that club of yours into a tool to handle these three challenges.
  • The crucial difference in the fairway bunker. Hitting out of here doesn't necessarily mean forgetting everything I've taught you about the greenside bunker. It just means reversing one thing and changing another. Don't worry, I'll explain it all in the video.
  • How mastering the sand shot gives you a strategic advantage. Of course, you won't want to hit every shot into a bunker. But the DVD will not only show you how to get out of the sand but when it might be to your advantage to hit into it. It's a strategy the big-money touring pros use. And soon you'll be able to use it too.

Ready to see for yourself? 

I promise you this: 

With this video series, you'll become a far better bunker player than you ever thought possible. 

Sand shots won't scare you. Your score and handicap will improve dramatically. And you'll be able to play your game strategically... like the big-money pros.

Or Your Money Back Plus $100

I want you to try The Bunker for the next 90 days and if you're not 100% satisfied, I'll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. 

That's not all. I'm so confident that my system will get you out of the sand and onto the green, that I'm going to make you this offer: 

If after diligently following my instructions and practicing at least once a wek for 90 days, you honestly feel that your sand shots haven't improved at all and that working with my technique has been a waste of your time, I want you to write and tell me. And, in turn, I'll write you a check for $100 Things don't get much more risk-free than that. 

So go ahead and click the button below to get your copy and start playing better in the bunker...

Now, I don't have to tell you that I don't like giving away my hard-earned money. 

And my partners don't like it any better than I do. 

So we've made every effort to make this new set of videos as close to perfect as we can possibly make it. Even people who've never played golf in their lives have told us that they learned something from it. 

Just think how much more it would mean to a real golfer like you. 

That's why we only make...

Serious golf videos for serious golfers 

But that doesn't mean we make them dull or boring. Or so full of inside golf talk the average Joe or Jane can't understand them. 

What I mean is that we don't waste your time with stupid jokes or flashy special effects. We pretty much cut to the chase. 

And while we do use the latest technology to help us make points clear and understandable, we never let it get in the way of the lesson. 

Because that's basically what my videos are: A one-on-one, up-close and personal, private lesson. Without charging you my usual private lesson fee. 

And speaking of fees... 

What's it worth to beat the bunker? 

Now, I'm a professional golf instructor not a business man. So I leave most of this stuff to my partners. 

But they tell me that if we release this video to the retail market, it will sell in pro shops for around $147. 

Notice that I said "if". Apparently, there are a lot of headaches and costs of going through a distribution network to sell this DVD that way and my partners have just about convinced me it isn't worth it. 

Besides - and I'm speaking out of school here - we've found that some pro shops really don't want to stock our videos.

Why? Well, for the simple reason that the instruction we offer is so much better than what their pro is giving out that people are opting for our videos instead of lessons.

So to help their pros, they don't sell our DVDs. Or they make them hard to find.

I'm the last guy in the world who wants to take anything away from a fellow pro.

They have to make a living, too. But so do we. 

Well, the bottom line is that we're considering offering the DVD exclusively over the Internet in digital video form for a lot less. 

How much less? 

Well, how does this sound. Just...

** Bunker Video Series **
One Time Investment
  • Become A Bunker Buster...
  • Develop The Proper Bunker Skills That Amateurs Wish They Knew...
  • Save over $100 from visiting a pro shop!

That's about one third of what it would cost in a pro shop. 

A savings of one hundred dollars. 

Now, in order to offer this video series at this low price and stay in business, I'm told we're going to have to make some cuts somewhere. 

Like our advertising budget. 

So instead of spending big bucks on ads on the Internet and the golf magazines, we're going to ask for your help.

Here's where you come in. 

It's nothing hard. All we ask is that you send us an email after you've tried The Bunker and tell us what you think of it. And allow us to post your email on our Website. 

You see, we're basing a big part of our marketing program on the assumption that our customers will like The Bunker and tell us. We're that confident in how good the videos are. 

To show you what I'm talking about, here are a couple of testimonials from golfers who've ordered some of our other DVDs.

"Took four or five strokes off my game."
- David Bartholomew

Thank you so much for your video instructions, they are very easy to follow and use. 

From the very first minute of watching I was anxious to go to the course and begin playing with the techniques and tips you described... 

What made me feel really good is that after a couple of hours at the driving range I booked a game with the usual group I play with regularly (all of us have close to the same handicap), used the techniques from the video instructions ... and took enough strokes off my game to win the round of golf. 

Bottom line is that I have already taken 4-5 strokes off my game (a huge difference) and I've just started watching the DVD's and receiving the Special Reports. 

Thank you Bobby. 

- David Bartholomew

"I Lowered My Score Eight To Twelve Strokes."
- Gary Carter

I wanted to write as a happy customer. Since I have watched three of your videos, I have lowered my scores about eight to twelve strokes. I am around 90 - 94. 

I want to thank you for giving excellent instruction lessons. 

- Gary Carter

But Wait... There's More!
Here Are 3 FREE Gifts
Just For Trying The Bunker...
Yours to Keep No Matter What You Decide!

Listen, we all know there's nothing wrong with a little "ethical" bribe.

Here's a $120 sweetener. Give The Bunker video series a try and these three highly valuable gifts are yours... even if you ask for a refund!  No strings attached.

Bunker Bonus #1:
Bunker Fundamentals Special Report ($27 Value)

You're going to learn so much from The Bunker video series as it is.  And the number one request has been a short manual that covers the fundamentals.  

You may want to get out on the course or the practice range right away.  And having this Fundamentals Manual will allow you to download it to your iPad or smart phone and take it with you.  

You'll quickly become a "master" bunker player as you develop these fundamentals.

Insdie Bunker Fundamentals you'll get a quick, down-and-dirty breakdown of...

  • Why gripping is important and how it differs from every other shot in your bag.  You'll be surprised when you find out. (Page 1)
  • The secret to feet placement so that  you get the perfect amount of sand every time. Do this and you'll be more consistent out of the bunker. (Page 2)
  • Why your shoulders can ruin your bunker shot if you're not careful.  You'll discover the two shoulder positions  you MUST have to make fantastic bunker shots. (Page 4)
  • The ultimate angle of attack you must put on the golf ball in a bunker.  Do this and you'll force the golf ball out of the sand with EASE. (Page 7)
  • Why you never want to hit the golf ball first when you're in a bunker. Why you must ensure there is a layer of sand between the ball and your club and how to make that happen consistently every time. (Page 10)
  • The secret technique for distance control in the sand. Most amateurs thing it's how hard you swing the ball that gets you more distance... that's a myth. (Page 13)
  • And so much more...
Bunker Bonus #2:
Bunker Practice Checklist ($27 Value)

The Bunker Practice Checklist is designed to give a checklist of things to work on when you're at the range. It's like having a coach telling you what to work on next.

Often times Amateurs go out to the practice range with a few thoughts of what they want to work on.  Rarely do they go with a checklist and have specific intentions of the type of practice they're going to do. 

This Bunker Practice Checklist will allow you to focus on the fundamentals. You'll work on the areas that are important for great bunker play. And you'll be able to stay focused.

Print it out, download it to your tablet, or put it on your smartphone.  In any case you'll have exactly what you need to work on at your fingertips.

Bunker Bonus #3:
Bunker Video Series Transcription and Audio MP3 ($27 Value)

If you're not into watching videos and would prefer to read... I've gotten the entire video series transcribed for your convenience.

No detail is left out.  You an take it anywhere you want.

And now, if you want to ingrain the lessons into your head you can now take the MP3 with you and listen while in your car, listening to your MP3 player, or sitting at work.

Whether you're a amateur whose played very little golf or a seasoned player looking to improve this is what you need to quickly and easily work on your bunker game.

That's Over $80 in FREE Gifts - Yours To Keep No Matter What!

Ok, it's time to seperate the people who wish they had a better bunker game from those who are ready to take action...

It's Up to YOU Now...
Are You Ready to Join
the Movers & Shakers of Golf?

Look, I'm not going to hype this up and say you'll drop 10 strokes from your game. I don't know what you'll do... 

But just think... if you find yourself in the bunkers and you have trouble coming out of them, would taking one shot out of the bunker versus two or three make a differnce in your game?

If you're droping one or two strokes each time your in a bunker... what does that mean across the 18 holes.  I know it depends on how many times you find yourself in a bunker. 

Now you can have the confidence you need coming out of the bunker.

It's possible. All you need is the training, practice plan, and strategies to pull it off. When you do, you'll have more confidence, not worry when your ball lands in the sand, and find time to work on other areas of your game.

Give The Bunker Video Series a try... if you're not thrilled, I'll buy it back in the first 90 days. I doubt you'll ask for a refund - you'll be too busy watching your score drop. If you don't see your bunker game improve, I'll even send you $100 for your trouble.

To a lower golf score,

Bobby Eldridge

And the Purepoint Golf Team

P.S.  I'd like to personally challenge you to take the Bunker Challenge.  Take the next 90 days and practice the fundamentals, techniques, and strategies you find in The Bunker video series.  

When you see your scores drop and your bunker play improving, send us an email and let us know how well you're doing.  We want to spot light your success to others who visit Purepoint Golf.

P.P.S.  We reserve the right to pull this amazing offer any day.  The price of $27 for everything you're getting is a significant savings over going to a pro for training.  Not to mention you can watch over and over, listen to the mp3 and even have a checklist of things to work on.  Get in now, or you may lose out...

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